Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & Light Structural Fabrication Services

Based in Houston, Texas, we offer precision sheet metal fabrication and light structural fabrication services to customers throughout Texas. Our fabrication company provide custom design, fabrication and installation of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, or specialty alloys to suit your specific needs.

This includes Water jet cutting on our Flow Mach 3 almost any shape or material up to 6" in thickness, including all metals and alloys, as well as AMADA F1 laser cutting carbon steel up to 5/8", stainless steel up to 3/8", and aluminum up to 1/4" in thickness.

Additional services include:

  • Roll 1/8" Carbon Steel up to 10' Long
  • Shear 1/4" Steel up to 10' in Length
  • Process Plate up to 72" X 144" Long
  • Welding – MIG & TIG with Certifications
  • Brake Material ¼” Stainless Steel up to 12’ in Length
  • Material MIG & TIG Welding with Certifications

We offer robotic welding services on our OTC AII – V6L, as well. Our in-house laser, water jet cutting, and welding services are completed using an AMADA Laser Cutting device and a Mach 3 Flow Water Jet with 5-AXIS capability.

Additional equipment we use includes:

  • Amada Press Brake Model HDS 8025NT Fully Programmable up to 8’
  • Accupress Brake 175 Tons 1/4" Stainless Steel up to 12' in Length
  • Wysong Shear 1/4” X 10’ in Length
  • Rolls – 3’ & 4’ up to 20ga
  • 10’ Power Roll up to 1/8” in Thickness
  • WEB Steelworker
  • 42” Vertical Mill
  • Robotic Welding Machine Model OTC AII–V6L
  • Autocert Hardware Machine
  • HYD-MECH Band Saw Model M16A
  • Strippit Super 30-30 Turret Punch

Light Structural Services

During the planning stages of every project, we create shop drawings & routers using state of the art software including Solid Edge, AutoCAD and multiple design packages to address any circumstances.

We will order & expedite the delivery of all materials, implement management control over all activities and prepare required subcontracting agreements when necessary to ensure a smooth & efficient Project.