Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Light Structural Fabrication & Installation, and Custom Truck and Van Services

Based in Houston, Texas, we offer precision sheet metal fabrication, light structural fabrication and custom truck and van services to customers throughout Texas. Our company provides custom design, fabrication, and installation of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, or specialty alloys to suit your specific needs.

Craftsmanship includes 3D Design, water jet and laser cutting, precision forming, and robotic welding. We utilize precision state of the art fabrication equipment, including Amada, Safan Darley & Flow Mach. We have the capability to cut almost any shape or material up to 6” thickness with the water jet and laser: Carbon Steel up to 5’8”, stainless steel up to ½”, aluminum up to ½”, and copper and bronze.

Additional services include:

  • Roll 1/8" Carbon Steel up to 10' Long
  • Shear 1/4" Steel up to 10' in Length
  • Process Plate up to 72" X 144" Long
  • Welding – MIG & TIG with Certifications
  • Brake Material ¼” Stainless Steel up to 12’ in Length
  • Robotic Welding

We offer robotic welding services on our OTC AII – V6L, as well.

Additional equipment we use includes:

  • Amada Press Brake Model HDS 8025NT Fully Programmable up to 8’
  • 350 Ton AccuPress Edge Press Brake up to 14’ in Length
  • Safan Darley Press Brake
  • Wysong Shear 1/4” X 10’ in Length
  • Rolls – 3’ & 4’ up to 20ga
  • 10’ Power Roll up to 1/8” in Thickness
  • WEB Steelworker
  • 42” Vertical Mill
  • Robotic Welding Machine Model OTC AII–V6L
  • Autocert Hardware Machine
  • HYD-MECH Band Saw Model M16A
  • Strippit Punch

Truck and Van Customization

TMS Tuck and Van has the ability to provide you with state-of-the-art fabrication coupled with top equipment brands. Whether you’re an axle addict or your truck is your business partner. TMS Truck and Van has the products and fabrication experience to provide you with the truck or van customization that you require. 3D Design, laser and water jet cutting, precision forming, and robotic welding give TMS Truck and Van the ability to fabricate a myriad of orders from single pieces to larger scale production runs. We proudly offer top commercial grade equipment brands: Auto Vent, Weather Tech, Weather Guard, Bush Wacker, Buyers Products, KNAACK, RKI, Roll & Lock, Tuff Liner, Maxon, Tommy Lift, TMS VanCrane and more.